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We help brands and retailers connect with millions of active shoppers to drive engagement & sales

Our Story

With the rise of World Wide Web in the 90’s and the birth of eCommerce thereafter, the Internet experienced something similar to the Big Bang theory – which led to colossal growth of all types of online activity, including shopping! Then came the saga of smartphones and tablets – offering a great level of flexibility & comfort to the end consumer; but at the same time, making it extremely harder for an online retailer to capture, track and close a sale. Moreover, as competition introduced price wars across all industry verticals, the end consumer almost mandated discounting at the end of the sales funnel.
We discovered this rapidly growing opportunity in 2008 and we’ve been tracking this trend very closely since then – using several tools, private and public data sources. In 2011, following an evaluation of tens of thousands of survey responses, focus groups and targeted interviews – we started Mastertech to realize the true power of online coupons. Since then, we’ve developed and marketed a number of portals within our global portfolio, and we’ve been successful at providing hundreds of thousands of deals to millions of online consumers worldwide.

Our Mission

We shall strive for excellence in developing world class web applications & web services by combining advanced software engineering techniques, jaw dropping creativity and latest technology integration to leverage the usability of internet for every person.

Our Core Values

Regardless of the magnitude and rate of growth, our journey all along is rooted by unparalleled ethics and our core values: Passion for Excellence in Affiliate Marketing, Uncompromising Integrity, Full Transparency, Leading by Example & Working Fearlessly!

Our Principles

Clients & Customers Above Everything Else
Strong client relationships are at the core of everything we do. We strive to build lasting customer & client relationships by understanding their requirements and exceeding their expectations.
Focus on Innovation & Solutions, Not Problems
We treat our clients’ deepest marketing challenges as our own,  begin with the end in mind and involve the right people. We stay pragmatic but positive and work together to achieve desired results.
Hire Great People And Empower Them
We place the right people in the right positions, develop their talent/skills and provide opportunities for them to influence business outcomes.
Create Lasting Value
We take our business/reputation very seriously and we’re dedicated to helping our clients meet their goals. We focus on actionable strategy, flawless execution, continuous improvement and deliver sustained value.
Do What We Say We’re Going To Do
We’re uber analytical, data driven & we set realistic expectations. We communicate clearly & we take full accountability for our actions.
Play To Win While Having Fun
We love what we do and we’re darn good at it! We put integrity first and work ethically as a team to exceed expectations.

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Our Journey

Sep 10

9000 Global Client Partnerships

Aug 21

HotUKSavings Launched

Jun 28

OZCodes Launched

Apr 29

Corporate Site Gets a Facelift

Jan 06

Entered the Australian Market

Oct 30

50 Million Customers Served

May 18

7500 Global Client Partnerships

Jan 11

Omni-channel Marketing Program Launched

Oct 27

10 Million Customers Served

Jul 21

Voucherbin Launched

May 09

5000+ Global Client Partnerships

Feb 15

Social Engagement Program Launched

Nov 04

Machine Learning Frugaa is born

Oct 12

Entered the UK Market

Aug 03

Partnered with 3000 Clients

Jun 01

Launched 20+ Niche Portals

Nov 15

1 Million Customers Served!

Jun 09

10 New Niche Portals Launched

Mar 05

Partnered with 1000+ US Clients/Brands

Dec 01

First US Coupon Portal Launched